Our Products

We are expert in providing a full range of complete feed pelleting solutions for any scale feed pellets industry and ancillary equipment used in the pelleting process.

Liquid filling machine

Series of Liquid Quantitative Filling Machine is suitable for chemical industry, edible oil, brewing, dairy industry, fruit juice, beverage and other industries. It is used for quantitative filling of single and multiple liquids.

Large bag ton packing machine

Ton bag packing scale is also called ton bag packing machine or big bag packing scale. It is an automatic packaging machine that packs 500KG - 2000KG each time. According to the proportion and characteristics of materials, the weight of each packaging is different. Normally, it will not be less than 500kg or more than 2000kg. Because the mechanical structure of the ton-bag packing scale is fixed, no matter how the material performance is, the volume of each bag is basically the same, and the material with a larger proportion is basically about one cubic meter, that is, the weight is heavier, generally between 1.5 tons and 2.5 tons, and the fine powder with a smaller proportion is generally about one cubic meter and lighter, generally between 500 kg and one ton.

Mixing material packaging machine

DCS-P-W mixtures quantitative packaging machine adopts advanced micro-computer control instrument, automatic fault diagnosis, and stainless steel is used to make the parts in contact with materials. It is suitable for mixtures and materials with high moisture content. It is widely used in chemical, fertilizer, food, friction materials and refractories industries.

Powder material packaging machine

Powder quantitative packaging machine DCS-50F is a new type of high-performance packaging machine independently developed by our company and with independent intellectual property rights. It is suitable for automatic quantitative powder packaging equipment in flour, starch, feed, food, chemical, light industry, medicine and other industries. Powder quantitative packaging machine DCS-50F is mainly equipped with weighing mechanism, feeding mechanism, body frame, control system, conveyor and sewing machine, which need manual bagging.

Automatic Packaging Machine SW-ABF-800

All the process is automatically completed by machine and equipment: automatic packaging bag finishing, automatic bagging by manipulator, automatic weighing of materials, automatic process detection and correction, automatic filling of materials into packaging bags, automatic folding and sealing of packaging bags, the whole process is completed by PLC. Automatic control, without manual participation.

Packing Machine

This is a complete packing unit made up of feeder, weight scale, pneumatic operation, bag holder, dust collector and electric control, etc. It has been one of essential packing machine and widely used in packing power, granules and pellets in big soft bag

Automatic Palletizer

Our high-level palletizing machine is made up of the devices of flatting bags, turning bags, marshalling bags and lifting. The complete palletizing line is fully automatic and easy for operation and maintenance.